• The National Debt is $18 Trillion.

    And counting.

    It's time to fix it.

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    We the people have debated for decades the many dangers of our swelling national debt, and what to do about it. But our national political discourse, submerged in frenzied rhetoric, has tragically failed to convey a clear-eyed understanding of how the debt was accumulated in the first place, and voters, with bills to pay and families to feed, lack the time and resources to drill down into dry historical budget data and unearth the answers for themselves.


    Like a trail of breadcrumbs, $18 Trillion and Counting will show us the path to solvency by telling the story, in a series of crisp, factually accurate eBooks, of how we spent ourselves into penury - and how we will continue to do so if we don't change course. The data may be sleep-inducing, but once compiled, it forms a narrative which is bracing in its clarity, and which may very well call forth the slumbering yet unconquerable giant which is the good sense of the well-informed American voter.


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  • About The Author

    A man is only as good as his reading list; John Waters Wright studied the great writers and thinkers of Western Culture at the University of Dallas, and his understanding of politics and human nature is grounded therein.


    Believing that America is at an economic crossroads, facing the electoral choice between ever greater prosperity and stifling stagnation, he is adding his voice to the public conversation on economic questions.


    For more information, go to http://johnwaterswright.com.

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